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Video Projects

Video has always been another source of expression. I always loved to tell stories and sometimes, stories are meant to be told through video. Throughout my videography career, I have learned, and am still improving, skills that have made me a better videographer. My videos vary in genres, there are short films, commercials, and even short montages.

Slowly Drifting 

"Slowly Drifting" is a full-length short film that follows a man who is trying to come to terms with his reality is caught off guard when he sees someone from his past life. Inspired by the Tame Impala song "Past Life" my team and I wanted to capture the raw emotions of love within the song but at a twist to it. As the director and producer, and even editor, I looked to outdo my own expectations of what I was able to accomplish. This was my first longer short film where I had to utilize color contrasting, editing with dialogue and even special effects. 


"Running" is a single-setting short film that showcases an abused girlfriend tries to run from her problems as best she can until she realizes her problem is running right behind her. As the director and producer, and even editor, I tried a ton of new techniques like color grading, audio syncing, and even different editing layers.


This is a  short defining the space project for my Lighting and Cinematography class. I wanted to not only represent the space but tell a story to go along with it. I always feel like stories of any kind are the best way to engage the viewer.

just livin' man

A quick montage of my trip with my friends to the White Mountains. I really was excited to do this project and even though it is short the editing was super new for me

Kelly's Bakery Commercial

My friend Nick Spina and I made a commercial for a local bakery located in Poughkeepsie, New York called Kelly's Bakery. We decided that we wanted to do something for the community while also develop our skills as videographers and editors. We really enjoyed working with Kelly's Bakery and bringing to light the community they have brought to the local area through their mouthwatering food and delicious coffee.

Facebook Story

A visual story inspired by Frank Oceans' song "Be Yourself" off of his second studio album Blonde.

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